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Small Parcel Shipping

LogiStar Solutions offers SAP companies built-in parcel carrier and LTL capability with XPS.

XPS seamlessly integrates and complies with LTL’s and all major parcel carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT. Leveraging your current SAP ecosystem, XPS requires no middleware or 3rd party applications. XPS enables SAP customers to automate their entire shipping process, allowing them the opportunity to increase supply chain efficiency, improve customer service levels and reduce cost through rate shopping and delivery consolidation.

XPS empowers SAP customers worldwide to efficiently and effectively meet both the internal and customer demand for accurate delivery status and cost information.

XPS enables SAP customers to:

  • Gain and maintain enhanced awareness of cost and service impact of transportation within overall supply chain
  • Cost effectively streamline and automate their entire shipping process
  • Access live real time parcel shipping status information
  • Maintain full control of their entire small parcel shipping activities
  • Better planning and execution of their transportation requirements

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