Solutions Voice Picking for SAP

Voice Enablement for SAP: Build a Better Business with Vocollect® and LogiStar Solutions

Every day, companies around the globe use SAP warehouse management solutions to improve their supply chain efficiency. Now those companies can further streamline their SAP warehouse management infrastructure by adding voice functionality to their existing SAP transactions.

Working together, LogiStar Solutions and Vocollect can deliver a complete voice-enabled mobile solution for your SAP enterprise that will help you build a better business through streamlining your SAP warehousing, supply chain and inventory management transactions.

Vocollect Voice® helps companies optimize their operations, make improved business decisions, and create a premier experience for their workers. The hands-free/eyes-free feature of Vocollect Voice increases safety on the floor, maximizes workflow productivity and data input accuracy, and boosts worker job satisfaction -- providing you with an accurate, cost-effective means for interacting with your SAP applications.

Vocollect’s SAP-certified VoiceDirect® and VoiceLink® for ERP solutions have been proven to integrate easily with SAP solutions, providing real-time direct and middleware applications to help SAP WM- and EWM-powered distribution operations increase worker speed and accuracy and increase cost savings. These comprehensive and flexible solutions ensure SAP platform customers receive world-class voice solutions for picking – the typical entry point for voice – and other workflows including receiving, cycle-counting, replenishment, putaway, and loading.

With a 25-year track record of successful implementations worldwide and the ability to support over 20 workflow tasks, Vocollect Voice can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any SAP WM or EWM system. The LogiStar/Vocollect solution is based on best practices gleaned from more than 1,500 implementations worldwide to help you achieve the greatest efficiencies and strongest payback from voice. The solution is flexible enough for you to add new capabilities, such as scanning or display, as well as new workflows as your business needs evolve.

Join your workforce with the more than 500,000 other distribution workers around the world who use Vocollect Voice to move over five billion dollars’ worth of product to customer locations every day. For more information about how Vocollect Voice can help you build a better business, contact your LogiStar Solutions representative.

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